Twin Otter Aircraft at Kathmandu Airport

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Welcome to Tara Air

Tara Air is the newest and biggest airline service provider in the Nepalese mountains. This company has started business with the mission of helping develop the rural Nepal. Accordingly, our service is concentrated in the hills and mountains of the country from the Far East to the Far West.

We currently operate a fleet of seven STOL aircrafts, comprising of five Twin Otter (DHC 6/300) and two Dornier (DO 228) aircrafts.

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Online Booking

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embraced by Tara Air

Tara Air, with the 'widest domestic flights network' flies to almost all destinations in Nepal.

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Corporate social Responsibilities

You are the reason this child
goes to school...

Years ago, we made a pledge to the people, a promise to the nation, a commitment to reach out in assistance and a corporate policy to influence others.

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DHC-6/300 'Twin Otter'

The DHC-6/300 Twin Otter is a 19 seater Canadian-built STOL utility craft.

Dornier DO 228

The Dornier DO 228 is a small twin-turboprop STOL utility Craft

Scheduled and Chartered Flights

We operate the largest frequency of scheduled and chartered flights by DHC-6/300 and DO-228 aircrafts in the Nepalese mountains.

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Nepal Mountain LodgeYour Home Above The Clouds

Nepal Mountain Lodge is a group of luxury lodges situated on a classic trekking route in the Everest & Annapurna region of Nepal. A league apart from the traditional teahouse experience, Yeti Mountain Home Lodges provide indulgent comfort, high quality cuisine and a very warm Sherpa welcome to weary trekkers.

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Outstation Sales Offices

Office: 061- 464888 / 463888
Airport: 061- 465888
Office: 091- 520004
Airport: 091- 575067
Office: 021- 536612/13
Airport: 021460769
Office: 023- 455232
Airport: 023- 456242
Office: 081-526556/7
Airport: 081-565013 / 565237
Office: 069- 440068/9
Office: 056-533108
Office: 071- 527527 / 525880
Airport: 071- 527528
Office: 037- 540065
Airport: 037- 540251
Office: 029 630120, 029 630240
Office: 091- 450100
Humla/ Simikot
Office: 087- 680060
Office 048- 540250
Office: 025- 533094
Office: 9749010967
Office: 038- 520333
Office: 087- 520107
Office: 083 520518
Dunai / Dolpo
Office: 9748901039
Office: 036- 690001
Kathmandu Airport
Marketing: 01- 4493901 / 4493428
Operation: 01- 4493426 / 4465337
Cargo: 01- 4113084
Office: 01- 4213012/13
Office: 01- 5546122 / 5546126
Office: 038-550088

Keep in touch with us

By operating flights to remote destinations, Tara Air intends to help promote development in these areas where the only mode of transport is by air. No other airlines in Nepal flies to the remote STOL sectors as extensively and frequently as we do. We transport essential supplies to the hinterlands, including food grains, medicines, relief materials and operate flights for rescue purposes.

Contact / Reservation

Tilganga, Kathmandu

GPO Box 20011

T: +977 1 4488788

F: +977 4485383(Marketing)

E: info@taraair.com

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